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Our umpire services play a crucial role in the insurance appraisal process, acting as the decisive middle ground when appraisers from both the insurance carrier and the policyholder reach an impasse. When the two appointed appraisers cannot agree on the value of a claim, our umpire steps in to analyze the presented facts, assess the situation impartially, and make a binding decision.

The umpire is a neutral party with extensive knowledge of insurance claims, property damage assessment, and the intricacies of repair and replacement costs. This expertise ensures that the umpire can make informed decisions that reflect fair market value and industry standards.

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Our Services Include:
  1. Thorough Review: The umpire meticulously reviews the dispute points, the evidence submitted by both appraisers, and any additional relevant documentation.

  2. On-Site Inspections: If necessary, the umpire conducts on-site inspections to gain a firsthand understanding of the damages in question.

  3. Mediation Skills: The umpire may use mediation techniques to facilitate a compromise between the appraisers before making a ruling.

  4. Final Ruling: If a compromise cannot be reached, the umpire will issue a final, binding decision based on the information available, ensuring a resolution in line with industry practices and the terms of the insurance policy.

  5. Transparency and Communication: Throughout the process, the umpire maintains clear communication with both parties, ensuring transparency and understanding of the decision-making process.

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VOS Claims & Consulting

Address: 3604 Monte Verde Way

Denton, TX 76208

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