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Our appraisers assess damage caused by windstorms, which can range from minor exterior damage to significant structural issues. We evaluate the impact on roofing, siding, and windows, ensuring that all wind-related damages are accurately documented and costed.


Explosions can cause widespread and multifaceted damage. Our appraisers are adept at conducting thorough investigations to determine the extent of the damage, including structural assessments and the impact on mechanical and electrical systems.


Vehicle impacts to buildings require an assessment of not just visible damage but also potential structural concerns. Our appraisers are equipped to evaluate such incidents and estimate the cost of returning the property to pre-accident condition.

Large Loss

Large loss claims involve significant damage and high-value properties. Our team has the expertise to manage these complex situations, coordinating with various stakeholders and providing detailed project management to ensure a comprehensive and efficient claims process.


Hail can cause subtle yet significant damage, especially to roofs and exteriors. Our team is skilled in identifying hail damage, differentiating between cosmetic and functional damage, and providing detailed estimates for repair or replacement.

Water Damage

Water damage requires a rapid response to prevent further deterioration. Our team evaluates the immediate damage, potential for mold, and other long-term concerns, providing comprehensive mitigation and restoration estimates.


Tornado damage can be devastating and requires a swift, experienced response. Our team is trained to handle catastrophic events, assessing the complete scope of tornado-related damages and facilitating rapid recovery efforts.


Fire losses are complex due to the combination of fire, smoke, and water damage. Our consultants are experienced in assessing all aspects of fire damage, including structural integrity, interior damage, and potential smoke and soot contamination.

Foundation Damage

Foundation damage can threaten the integrity of a structure. We specialize in assessing foundation issues, whether due to soil settlement, water intrusion, or construction defects, and recommend appropriate repair solutions.


Hurricanes bring wind and flood damage, and our consultants are experienced in handling the complexities of such claims. We assess the full spectrum of hurricane damages, ensuring that all aspects, from water intrusion to wind damage, are thoroughly evaluated.

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