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Vos Claims and Consulting envisions setting the industry standard for excellence in insurance appraisal and building consultancy. We aim to be recognized for our profound expertise, swift and effective response, and steadfast dependability. Our goal is to redefine the paradigm for dispute resolution in property claims, establishing a legacy of trust and superior service within the industry. As we expand our services, we are committed to leveraging the extensive knowledge and skills honed over decades of dedicated practice to serve an ever-growing clientele. We foresee a future where our company leads with innovative practices, integrating advanced technologies and methodologies to further enhance our service offerings. At every level, Vos Claims and Consulting is dedicated to surpassing the expectations of those we serve, striving to be synonymous with the utmost quality, integrity, and professional excellence in appraisal and consulting services.


Dispute over loss amounts? Invoke the appraisal clause, select impartial appraisers within 20 days, and avoid court with a faster, cost-effective settlement process.


Stuck in an appraisal deadlock? Our umpire services help impartially resolve disputes between appraisers, ensuring a fair damage assessment.


Need accurate damage cost estimates? Our building consultancy provides expert evaluations to determine your property damage costs efficiently.

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VOS Claims & Consulting

Address: 3604 Monte Verde Way

Denton, TX 76208

Direct: 602.697.7002


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