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At Vos Claims and Consulting, our mission is to provide exceptional insurance appraisal and building consultancy services grounded in a legacy of expertise and unwavering ethical standards. Our founder, Greg Ward, brings over fifteen years of experience to the forefront, guiding our practice with precision, integrity, and a commitment to dispute resolution. We are dedicated to delivering accurate, fair, and prompt claim adjustments, handling everything from everyday assessments to complex large loss situations. 


Appraisal Clause Activation: If there is a disagreement between the insurer and the insured regarding the loss amount, either party can request an appraisal in writing.

Appraiser Selection: Upon such a demand, both parties must choose a competent and impartial appraiser within 20 days and inform the other party of their selection.

Appraisal Purpose: The appraisal process serves as a quicker, less costly alternative to litigation, aiming to settle the amount of insured loss.

Appraisal Panel: The process involves an Appraisal Panel consisting of three members: two appraisers chosen by the disputing parties and a neutral umpire agreed upon by the appraisers to resolve any stalemates.

Umpire Services: The company offers umpire services to resolve deadlocks between appraisers during the appraisal process.

Building Consultant Services Summary:

Cost Estimation: Assistance is provided in estimating the costs associated with damage to properties.

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 roof claims


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